1) Graduate-Level Courses for Winter/Spring Semester - The Center for Global Environmental Education courses are facilitated by scientists, master teachers, and Hamline professors. Content ranges from field-based explorations of amphibians as bio-indicators to strategies for urban environmental education to immersion experiences in CGEE's distance-learning programs. Click here to learn more.

2) Waters to the Sea is available in a Lab Pack - The Waters to the Sea Lab Pack is an exciting way to incorporate each student into the Waters to the Sea experience and to enhance watershed education in the classroom. The lab pack includes:

  • 30-35 copies of the CD-ROM
  • Minnesota ecosystems video, Living in the Landscape
  • Poster series on watershed education
  • Waters to the Sea bookmarks
  • Rivers to the Sea Inspirations for Educators Classroom Activity Guide
  • Free Rivers of Life subscription
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