MILLENNIUM Frog Art 2001

It is with great pleasure we welcome you to the 
2001 Children's Frog-Art Exhibit!

Throughout history, artists and story-tellers from around the world have been inspired by the squat, plump little creatures we know as "frogs." Here are some examples:

  • Musical flute-like instruments in Latin America were intricately carved to resemble frogs; 
  • the Incas of Peru created golden statuettes depicting the revered frog;
  • ancient Egyptians believed frogs were linked to the miracles of nature and birth; 
  • the Greek writer Aristophanes created an entire play centered around frogs; 
  • Chinese and Indian legend told of the earth resting on the back of a giant frog and believed that earthquakes and tremors were caused by his slightest movements; 
  • Native Americans and Australian Aborigines believed they were able to predict weather patterns by listening for the changing sounds in the frogs' song. 
  • Frogs have been fashioned into precious jewelry, inspired tales of fairy princesses, featured on postage stamps from Madagascar and carefully formed from folded paper in the Japanese art expression of origami. 

The humble, endearing creature we call "frog" crosses not only centuries of time, but cultural differences and boundaries in his capacity to intrigue and delight us.

Our 2001 Gallery Exhibit is now open. We need and welcome every child's creative voice, believing that each painting and drawing is unique, valuable and has something important to say. It is our hope that each time the freshness and honesty of this exhibit is viewed, there is a chance that someone, somewhere will care a bit more about the world's frogs and join us in helping them. Every child's art will also be proudly published on our Thousand Friends of Frogs web site.

Please fax (651-523-2987), e-mail, or send (the mailing address is at the end of this page) your creative artwork so we can publish it on our Thousand Friends of Frogs web site!"


Click here for 2001 frog drawings!!
Brittany Jean Sanchez
Zhenzhou city, China

Lake Alice School, NE

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By Brittany Jean Sanchez
age 11

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