Challenge Questions '97

Test your frog know-how by discussing the following questions with your classmates.

The Top Ten List

  1. Why is it fun to watch frogs?
    1. A: Because they hop around so much, are green, and have funny expressions on their faces!! (Mark Murphy, St. Joseph's School, Killarney, Ireland)

      A: I like watching frogs because they make me laugh and remind me of warm weather and springtime (Dan Flood, Canada)

  2. Are there frogs where you live? Ask your parents/teachers if they remember frogs where they grew up. Do they remember more frogs now or when they were younger? Why?
  3. Can you give any reasons why scientists believe that frogs are getting more difficult to locate around the world?
    1. A: Some reasons that frogs are difficult to find are that they are dying off from the same things causing deformities, UV light and pollution in the water. (Barbara Borer, Friends of Frogs and Phenology Group, Valley Crossing Community School, Woodbury, Minnesota)

  4. Would you like to be a frog for a day? Describe what you would do that day.
    1. A: If I was a frog for a day, I would hope around all day and eat lots of bugs. I would swim in the nice water and make sure that I would not get eaten!! (Joseph McLean, Washington DC)

  5. Deformed frogs have been found in Minnesota and in other places. Why do you think that deformed frogs are being found?
  6. Why are frogs used as characters so much in books and on television?
    1. A: Because they are lots of fun to watch and read about (Joseph McLean, Washington DC)

  7. Should we care about declining frog populations around the world? Why or Why not?
  8. In recent years, some medicinal uses for frogs have been discovered. Research one of these and tell us what you find. Also answer this question: should we only maintain the frog populations that can be medically useful? Defend your position.
  9. Why are frogs found in some types of habitats and not in others? What are these areas and are they adequately protected?
  10. How does a frog attract a mate?
    1. A: We learned that frogs make noises to attract a mate. (Barbara Borer, Friends of Frogs and Phenology Group, Valley Crossing Community School, Woodbury, Minnesota)

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