Frog Writing '01

Frogs and toads have been given a pretty bad reputation in literature. They are known as the pets of witches and other nocturnal demons. Frogs and toads were given this sinister reputation because of their slimy and bumpy appearance, the poisonous qualities of some toads, and also because they are elusive creatures that reside in dark, murky places and hibernate for part of the year. As you read fiction stories with frog characters, create a pro and con list.

What are some good characteristics of the frog or toad character in your book? What are some of the bad characteristics of the frogs or toads in your book? Try to determine if the image of the frog and toad as characters in modern fiction has changed from the historically sinister depiction.

The Frog Prince, frog games, frog tales, Kermit the Frog...these friendly amphibians have always held a special place in the lives and literature of American culture. On this page are selected writings by published authors and book reviews, articles, and bibliographies from The Five Owls magazine.



Journal Entry 4-20-01, poem by John Caddy
Writings from previous year

          EarthJournal Entry 4-20-2001

          by John Caddy

          Wood frogs revel in the rainy ponds,
          clattering their throaty castanets,
          casting song into the round drum ears
          of females who thawed out filled with eggs
          and wearing masks.

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