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Welcome to the world of amphibians--online!!

On this page you will find all the information needed to begin the course. You should always come here first before going off to read lessons or access other course materials.  

This page contains information on 
Being Able to Hop Around! 
The Syllabus--Three Modules (click here to go to the syllabus)  
The Lessons Online  
Conferencing (The Center @ Hamline) (If this is the first time you have used the Conferencing Center you should read the instructions for more information or do the tutorial under the help button once you have entered the center.)  

1) Being Able to Hop Around!  
As a reminder, let me go over a few basic conventions you will need to know when you use the course materials provided on the web. When I want you to go to another web page, you need to click (i.e. press the mouse button) where it says click here or on the specially marked text (in blue and underlined) referring to that page. Anything that takes you to another place (either another page or a different part of a page) appears in blue and is underlined. For example, to use this link to take you to a sample page click on sample page or on click here 

Similarly, sometimes I will ask you to "jump" to another part of the same lesson. Such requests mean that you need to click on the specially marked word or phrase referring to that part of the lesson.  
Now we are ready to look at other pieces of information you need to know to take this course. 

Also remember if there is a link to return to the previous page does not exist, you can click on the 'Back' button on the top tool bar of the web page. Alternatively, you can click on the links at the left of the page, although these links may not take you directly to the previous page. 

2) The Syllabus--Three Modules 
The next item I have on my agenda is the syllabus. This has been outlined for you several times, click here for a more detailed syllabus. But please let me know if there is additional information you might like in the syllabus.  

3) The Lessons  
This is a list of the lessons. From here you can directly go to any of the lessons throughout the course as long as they are active (that is, green and underlined).  

Lesson 1a: Introductions, course format, course goals   
Lesson 1b: Anatomy of amphibians--frogs in particular, click here to get to the assignments  
Lesson 1c: Frogs as Bio-indicators, click here to get to the assignments  

Lesson 2: Environmental Factors and Amphibian Populations--frogs in particular, click here to get to the assignments 

Lesson 3: Global and local declines, frogs in particular, click here to get to the assignments 

Glossary: There is also a glossary of terms which links to words in the text that you may not have used before this course. 

References: There is a list of references used in the course. You may be able to get some of these texts at school, local or university libraries. These are also linked to the text.  

4) Online Conferencing (The Center @ Hamline)  
In this course we don't have regular classroom meetings and interactions as in a regular on-campus course. The conference center is a place where we can "meet" to conduct group work, discuss topics, or ask questions. Once you register for the course, instructions explaining the Center will be mailed to you. However, if you have further questions there is a tutorial which you can access once you have entered the center. Take a few minutes to read over the online instructions.  
Please note that once in the virtual Center for the first time, you do not need to register. You have been pre-registered, but you will need your userid and password to access the center at all times. To link to the Center click here.





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