Educator Guide/Learning Activities

To help K-12 teachers integrate frog study into classroom curricula, CGEE has prepared an Educator's Activity Guide. This guide has been revised, new activities added and all activities aligned with Minnesota Graduation Standards and National Science Education Standards. The new guide is now available at a cost of $10 (this includes shipping and handling). If you would like to obtain this guide, please contact the project via fax (651-523-3041), e-mail, or snail mail. Meanwhile--or if you have been using the Activity Guide--try these additional activities.


The Case of the Missing Anurans (PDF format)

A shorter version of this activity has been accepted for publication in the American Biology Teacher and should appear in the journal later this year. The activity is centered on two characters, Sheerluck Biomes and Dr. Newt Watson, who investigate the many reasons why amphibian populations are declining. Use this to have your students help solve this case.

Observing Using Smell
Observing Using Sight
A Long Winter's Nap
Magic Words
What color am I?