Supplemental Resources
for Energy Odyssey

Energy Page 1  
Heat and Light at Prairie Island 
An essay reflecting on different cultural uses of energy on the Prairie Island Dakota Indian Reservation. 

Energy Page 2 
Water Power on the Root 
An essay exploring how a hydroelectric dam brought changes to the land, rivers, and communities in rural Minnesota. 

Energy Page 3 
"Power Plants": An Introduction to Biomass 
Photos and information on conversion of plants to energy 

Energy Page 4 
Sun Power: What trees and solar power have in common 
Photos and information on conversion of sun power to energy 

Energy Page 5  
An Experiment in Destiny  
An interactive cartoon that explores energy futures of an endangered space colony 

Energy Page 6 
What is Energy? 
An advanced-level essay by Roger Aiken 

Energy Page 7 
The Energy Balance of the Earth 
An advanced-level essay by Roger Aiken 

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