Friday November 5, 1999, 9:38 am Eastern Time
Company Press Release

Bubbles are Secret of Breakthrough Technology
BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 5, 1999--

Humans evolved from bubbles, according to the inventor of a breakthrough technology that uses the geometry of bubbles to increase the strength of most materials. Charles Owens told engineers at a university seminar in Boston that the geometry of cells, including human cells, is based on the architecture of a froth of bubbles, comparable to soap suds or the head on a beer. He encouraged engineers to build on this natural architecture to improve the performance of all materials by making them lighter, stronger and less costly.

Owens is Chairman of UniStates Technology Company and inventor of Reflexive Materials Technology(TM) (RMT(TM)). RMT is based on the froth, nature's most common construction. RMT gives materials a consistent internal geometry to make them stronger and lighter. With RMT materials, buildings can be bigger, taller and more open. Airplanes can fly higher, faster and farther. Cars can travel longer distances on less fuel with less pollution. Computers, aircraft, autos, buildings, bridges, roads, and numerous other important things can be cheaper and better.

Owens called on the engineering community to help build ``a new generation of stronger, lighter, thinner and less expensive materials, products and structures using RMT.'' Owens called for a paradigm shift in modern engineering. He said, according to current engineering textbooks, the basic element of materials engineering is ``a continuous and cohesive 'glob'.'' He said the glob is a mystical concept because by definition the glob is not composed of atoms and molecules.

``How can this be science?'' Owens asked. ``There is no scientific evidence to support the existence of continuous and cohesive globs of indeterminate size and composition.'' Owens called on engineers to forsake the metaphysics of ``the glob'' in modern engineering practices in favor of the science of RMT, which offers both a scientific explanation of materials and the technology to improve their performance.

RMT is a newly patented architecture for materials to optimize the strength of products and structures. It is an improvement on the froth's design, Owens said. ``A froth is the model for all cellular systems - biological, chemical, and physical. RMT uses 'distributed porosity' to improve on nature's model and allows us to make better products for consumers and industry.''

Owens spoke at a seminar on RMT at the invitation of the Tufts University College of Engineering. His presentation was entitled ``The Origin of Substance.'' A copy of his paper of the same title is available at the UniStates' Website,

UniStates Technology Company is a 12 year-old materials design firm with the exclusive right to commercialize Reflexive Materials Technology (RMT). An introduction to RMT inner space technology(TM) can be found on the World Wide Web at

Contact: UniStates Technology Company - Wendy E. Owens, 781-396-7582.

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