1998 Mystery
Steamer Trunk #3

1) This is an historical castle, as you could call it, with beautiful gargoyles on every side. If you look closely, you can see people sculpted just perfectly. The house that these are on is very beautiful. Inside, there are many different types of artwork to see.

2) This man owned and lived in the largest privately owned house in the US. His house is now a national historical landmark.

3) What is this angel doing? Maybe looking for the Old Kentucky Home where the writer who created the story named after her was raised.

4) This famous hotel made of massive granite boulders was built in 1913. Today, it remains a wonderful gateway for guests as well as residents. It is surrounded by 140 acres of beautiful land. It is said to be haunted by the Pink Lady.

5) We have a monument that looks a lot like the Wasington Monument, but it's not. This memorial belongs to a former governor of our state. His initials are Z.V. and his monument is in the center of our downtown area. 6) We have a very famous road. It travels in two states and is 469 miles long. It goes north and south and connects two national forests. This won't tell you exactly where we are, but it will give you a pretty good clue.

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