1999 Mystery
Watershed #6

Clue #1

This is a picture of our state bird. It is only seen in the water or in the air, but never on land. This is because its legs are so far back that it is too "front-heavy" to walk on land. It carries its young on its back and is very common, especially in the northern part of our state.

Clue #2

This map shows a remarkable location in our state where three Continental Divides meet. If you poured some water on the ground at this spot, it could flow in one of three directions - to the Gulf of Mexico, to Hudson Bay, or to the Atlantic Ocean.

Clue #3

The highest point in our state is called Eagle Mountain at 2,301 feet. The lowest point in our state, 1,700 feet lower, is only 12 miles from Eagle Mountain.

Clue #4

Our state got a lot of publicity during last fall's Governor's election. This is one of the campaign pins for our new Governor.

Clue #5

According to legend, the many lakes in our state were formed when the footprints left by this person filled up with water and our rivers formed where he was dragging his axe on the ground. We have also learned, however, that glaciers had a lot to do with it.

Clue #6

This nationally renowned wildlife artist was born and raised in our city. Many of his paintings show rivers and lakes in our area and there is a street and a river park in our city named after him.

Clue #7

The statue shown in this photo commemorates a Dakota Sioux Indian. It stands in a park near the dam on the river that bears his name. This statue was sculpted by the person shown in Clue #6.

Clue #8

These 3 singing brothers founded our town on the scenic banks of a river in 1855. One of the 1st things they did was to set aside 15 acres of land for parks, giving us the 2nd oldest park system in the U.S.

Clue #9

This well-known product is made by a world famous manufacturing company that is located in our city, as well as many other places in our state. Its plant is located near the river that runs through our city and uses the river water in its manufacturing processes.

Clue #10

Our city is one of two homes to Ridgewater College. This school was once know as H.A.V.T.I., but is now a combination community college and technical college.

Clue #11

This dam is located right downtown in our city. It is used to control flooding downstream. In the spring of 1965, the dam broke and flooded a part of the downtown area.

Clue #12

This is a photo of the river that runs through our city. It has the same name as the Indian shown in Clue #7 (and also the same name as a large bird found in our state). This river begins about sixty miles west of us and the waters end up in the Gulf of Mexico.

Clue #13

Our school received a national award this year. This a photo of the sign that is now seen outside our school.

Clue #14

This map shows the size and shape of the watershed for the river that goes through our city. It is the south fork of the river and joins with the north fork about 50 km northeast of us.

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