1999 Mystery
Watershed #7

Clue #1

Above: The best Blue Point Oysters in the world are grown in our state.

Clue #2

Lighthouses are found in our state.

Clue #3

The Pequots used this as a sign of friendship.

Clue #4

Above is a popular beach in our state. Its name is Ocean Beach Park.

Clue #5

The above tools are manufactured in our state.

Right: The Mystic River is found in our state.

Clue #6

Clue #7

You might find the footprints of the above extinct animal in one of our many parks.

Hint for Clue 8
This is used in the GHO Golf Tournament.

Hint for Clue 9
This is the War Office used by George Washington during the Revolutionary War.

Clue #8

Clue #9

Clue #10

You find cars like the one above at Limerock, Thompson and Stafford Speedways.

Clue #11

These popular toys are made in our state.

Clue #12

This is a picture of the Willimantic Linen and American Thread Co. overlooking the Willimantic River.

Clue #13

Clue #14

Above is our state bird.

Above right: These animals are found in Mystic Aquarium.

If you come to our state, you can visit the house of the famous author below (which is Clue #15).

Right: The Coast Guard Academy and ship are located on this river.

Clue #16

Clue #17

Clue #18

Left: Haddam is the home of this historic opera house. Plays and musicals are held there during the summer months.

Our state motto once had something to do with the above spice.

Clue #19

Sam made guns like these in our state.

Clue #20

These are built at a famous submarine base found in our state. Home of the Seawolf.

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