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Mystery #2

There was a time when the area of our watershed that became a city was an 'outpost' of civilization. Then it became the place of commerce for those traveling to unsettled areas of our country. Our town has a long and interesting history that continues through modern times. We have gone from growth and prosperity to the town that "Time Forgot" to the place in our state with the second largest number of visitors per year.

As you use the clues to discover the name of our town and where it is located, you will discover many interesting things, as we did, that may lead you to want to learn more about some of these topics. We hope that you enjoy solving the mystery of locating us and our watershed.

About 1700 a Frenchmen named LeSeuer in his official report described Indians working lead mines by a small river that entered the 'great river.' Settlers began arriving in this area in the 1820's and the town was laid out in 1826. The main river in our watershed has had two main names. Some say that long ago, the Indians gave it one name. Others say the name came from an early French trader. The first name made people think of poor health so the name was changed to something more pleasant. Now, the town and river that flows through it have the same name. If you go beyond our watershed area, the river still has its original name.

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