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Watershed Atlas
Mystery #2

This is a picture of the most famous citizen of our town. He was a Civil War General and a United States President. He was not born here but moved here soon before the start of the Civil War. He is not buried here. We now have a man living in our town who looks like and can act very much like this man. He often portrays him for our state's Bureau of Tourism. He acts like this soldier and also makes toy soldiers. This shows one way the past and the present can both be seen in our town. Another way is the many old buildings of many types and sizes. Many buildings from the past, and things from these buildings, are still used today. One of the reasons tourists come to our town is because of the many ways the past is represented in our town today.

This is a reproduction of a Civil War bullet. Originally the bullets were made of a substance that was banned in the 1970's. This one is made of pewter- not the banned substance. The mineral of the original Civil War bullets was mined in the hills surrounding our town. 2,000,000 soldiers in the Civil War used this for their bullets. There was more of this that came from our area for use in the Civil War than from any other area.

This is our state bird. The common cardinal, Cardinalis cardinalis, a bird found in the eastern United States and parts of Mexico is named for the color of the robes of Roman Catholic cardinals. It is a member of the finch family. Fringillidae, and is slim and crested. The male is bright red with black throat, and the female is buffy-brown with red on its crest, wings, and tail. Both sexes have stout, conical, red bills. It is resident over its range, which it has extended northward into southern Canada. It has a cheerful, clear song, and it is the official bird of seven states.

The person on this coin is from our state and has been in our town. The slogan for our state is "Land of ___" (This person's last name.).

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