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Watershed Atlas
Mystery #2

The name of this piece of fruit is part of the name for our watershed. Our watershed is in a county that has the only county name in our state with two words in its name.

This ear of corn says many things about our watershed. Farming is important. Much corn is grown here. The farming that helps our economy can cause problems for our watershed. Runoff from animals and fertilizers can pollute the waters in our watershed. Farming close to the banks of rivers and streams can cause erosion of the riverbanks and the nearby land. The main river in our watershed is no longer wide enough or deep enough for many boats. The paddle wheel boats that used to come to our town could not come now because of the size of the river. People now have a better understanding about what causes erosion and pollution.

Parts of this movie were filmed in our town. . The most well-known parts were not filmed here. "It is a 'fairy tale celebration of the love of baseball'." It was filmed in 1989. This picture is from the website for this movie. The website address is

In our watershed and near our town there is a '6800 acre residential resort community' with a 220 acre lake. This lake is 'ranked among the top 5 fishing lakes in our state. The golf courses have won many awards in rankings by national magazines. Our action plan will involve an improvement to this part of our watershed.

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