Steamer Trunks -
A key for past
mystery watersheds

Watershed Atlas Project -
Mystery Watersheds for 2000

Watershed Atlas Mystery #1 - Fourche Valley Shool, Briggsville, Arkansas, USA
Watershed Atlas Mystery #2 - Galena Elementary, Galena, Illinois, USA
Watershed Atlas Mystery #3 - School on the River, Benson, Arizona, USA
Watershed Atlas Mystery #4 - DL Beckwith School, Rehoboth,
Massachusettes, USA

Steamer Trunks from the
1999 Mississippi Adventure program 

Mystery Watershed #5 - Grant School, Marshfield, Wisconsin, USA
Mystery Watershed #6 - Hutchinson Middle School, Hutchinson, Minnesota, USA
Mystery Watershed #7 - Tolland Middle School, Tolland, Conneticut, USA
Mystery Watershed #8 - Hunnewell School, Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA
Mystery Watershed #9 - San Andres High School, Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA

Steamer Trunks from the
1998-99 World Waterways program
From Perm, Russia 
Mystery Watershed #4 -
Also from Perm, Russia

Steamer Trunks from the
1998 Mississippi Adventure program

Mystery Watershed #1 - Ecole Classique, Metairie, Louisiana, USA
Mystery Watershed #2 - Clewiston Middle School, Clewiston, Florida, USA
Mystery Watershed #3 - Macon Elementary, Memphis, Tennesee, USA

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