Mississippi Adventure Weekly Features

Each week during the Missisippi Adventure, we'll add a new feature to enhance your watershed study. Check out the links below for more information. Note: some of these will send you away from this site. To get back, just hit the "Back" button on your browser.

Week Six- The Minnesota Sustainable Communities Network web site, called NextStep, has some great resources for educators. Check out their education page, and their water resources page. The web site is also a great source of case studies. Go to the NextStep home page, and serach for "case studies."

Week Five- The extent to which ecology and economy are intertwined along the river is detailed in this week's Minneapolis Star Tribune business section. According to the article, "City officials say their citizens have told them to start treating their riverfronts as welcoming civic front porches rather than municipal backyards where the junk is stashed. And with the help of local, state and federal agencies, cities are spending millions to give their people access to the asset that a riverfront can be."

Also this week, take a look at our next case study- the story of a dam removal project along the Red River, courtesy of the MN DNR.

Week Four: This week, we begin publishing a series of case studies from businesses that depend on the river. We offer these case studies as a way to get students thinking about the challenges of balancing our economy with our ecology. These are real stories of how businesses use creative thinking and problem-solving skills in their work. First up is a report from Genmar Holdings, a leading manufacturer of fiberglass boats, on the challenge they faced in molding components of their waterscraft.

Also this week, check out our watershed scavenger hunt. It's a great way to get students out into the watershed, looking for details.

Week Three: Here are a couple surprising articles. The first talks about desertification, the gradual degradation of bioproductive land.

This second article is quite a surprise. The article is about a recent study that found persistent substances like medications, and cosmetic products in our waterways.

Week Two- Take a look at these resources from our web site. If you are planning to exchange a Steamer Trunk with a partner school, take a look at this activity. Have your students click through these pages to get an idea of the kinds of clues that work well in a Steamer Trunk.

Then, take a look at our River Voices page. Here you will find a list of articles by authors who all use the river as a theme. You'll find haiku poetry, an account of a rafting journey, pieces on energy, essays on physics, all kinds of writing.

Week One: In the Teacher Support area, here's a Watershed Quiz. Find out what your students already know.

Here's a glossary of useful watershed terms:

Take a look at this essay, by teacher Joe Riederer on the relationship between the river and the prairie:

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