Andrea Bosco

What school and grade are you in?
Garber High School 11th grade

How old are you?
16 yrs. old and six months

What's your nickname?

Why did you want to come on this trip?
cause brooke said it was cool and i love science!!

What's your favorite subject in school, and why?
chemistry-the teacher is cool... anatomy- we dissected cats

What's your favorite food?
pasta and ramen noodles PS i hate chocolate

What's your least favorite food?
oops- chocolate and hamburger

What's your hobby?
dance- anything that has to do with music

Do you play sports, and if so, which ones?
i'm on the dance team/pom team, i used to play volleyball, and run track

What's your next big goal?
to graduate from Garber and move out of Essexville

Tell us something surprising about you, or your life.
nothing... my friend erin says i'm boring, she is kidding of course ...umm.. i've seen two people die :(

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