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May 11, Thursday-
Today I mostly hung out around the boat, played card games, hung out with the crew, and talked with the camera crew. Yes, a camera crew ! I was 1 of 3 people interviewed for the Chanel 19 La Crosse Station. They asked me about myself, my project, my experience on the boat. We also sang our song that we wrote to Ike.

When I was in La Crosse I found Aromatherapy books and oils in town and got them for my mom. I had a good day and I am very excited for tomorrow and all that will happen. I hope My family and friends are able to meet my in La Crosse. I want to say hi to everyone for the last time so Hi to Chuck, My Mom, My Dad, My Brother, everyone in St. Maries & Plummer, Palm Bay & Vero Beach, and all the people at S.E.S.!

May 10, Wednesday-
Today was a long day on the boat. I got up at 6:30 am, but never really woke up until 10:00. Once I actually woke up I just sat around and played cards, and snacked for breakfast. I was anxious to reach Lansing, so I could get hair dye and Brooke could dye my hair. At first I couldn't find any place that would sell any dye but lucky John pointed me in the direction of a small old time pharmacy. Everyone on the boat warned me not to dye my hair because the dye I bought was older than me but I did it anyway. Guess what, I look good! Now I have strawberry blonde and dark blond hair! It's not a drastic change though it just softened but bright yellow hair with black roots. I was very happy.

Then we were on our way to Victory, WI. In Victory I got to call Chuck on his Birthday. So for everyone to participate in

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Chuckie
Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Chuck, I hope you had a good one!!

After that I went down to the beach and played with sparklers at our bonfire and then went to bed around 9:30pm. All in a days work.

I forgot to wish my parents Happy Anniversary on May 8, so Happy 19th Anniversary Sue and Gilbert Pfister! An Happy belated mothers day to a wonderful and loving Mother!! I want to say I to Chuck, My Mom(Sue Pfiser), My Dad(Gil Pfister), My Little Brother(Rob Pfister), my two dogs(Frodo and Brittany), all the people in St. Maries & Plummer, all the people in Vero Beach & Palm Bay, and all the rockin' folks at S.E.S. !!

May 9, Tuesday-
I got up in the morning to eat then go back to sleep! After I got back up, I enjoyed a boat ride with Hawk (Jon Stravers) and learned all about the Mississippi backwaters. Then I slept again.

After my nap time the group went to the Effigy Mounds and observed the designs of the mounds and all the nature around them. Next, I went to the Villa Louie. I won't recommend it to anyone who likes to explore or be independent.

Brooke and I then went crazy on the boat in our down time. Our crazy antics were deserving of a torturous tar and feathering. Then we had an opporturity to wash our laundry and take a real shower. After our four mile hike at the Effigy Mounds we were all tired and hit the sack early.

I was tired and welcomed the night but not without wishing good night and good day to those I care for, Chuck, My Mom, My Dad, My Brother, those in St. Maries & Plummer, and Vero Beach & Palm Bay, and all the great folks at S.E.S.!

May 8, Monday-
In the morning I got to chat w/ Tom Barryman the radio interviewer at WDBQ 1490am in Dubuque, Iowa. He talked to John first and then Me. When he was talking to me he asked me about my studies on the boat, how life on the boat was. I was nervous about talking and wish they would have gotten the chance to be interviewed. After the interview, we pulled into Guttenberg, Iowa.

In Guttenberg Brooke and I ran off the boat to the public restrooms. Upon reaching the restrooms after or short sprint, we washed our hair for the 1st time on the trip (yeah!) ! To kill time we all participated in a game of ultimate frisbee, but our game was inturpted but the discovery of baby turtles tring to make their way to the shore.
After that refreshing experience we went out to lunch and got ready to present to the Kids in Guttenberg. During the 1st presentation I was confident but there were a few awkward quiet moments but the 2nd and 3rd I don't think I did as good of a job.

Ater teaching I went to the town Library to contact home for the 1st time. Then I hung out with Andrea and we searched the town for some good music to buy. We asked some locals if they had any good store that would sell music. One of the young boys stood up and proudly stated "It's Guttenberg" and that was supposed to communicate to us that of course they don't. Then we explored and sure enough they didn't.

Later that night Andrea, Becky, and I made up a river dance. They we had a marvelous dinner made by Andrea and I. After the Dinner, we had a little group bonding at the park ond swing set and then we finally all made it to bed at around 11:00pm. What a wonderful day, it could only surpassed by the company of my loved ones, who I would like to say hi to: Chuck, My mom, My dad, My Bob, and all the folks Plummer and St. Maries, &, Vero Beach and Palm Bay, & all the Peops at S.E.S.!

May 7-
After a beautiful night sleep under the stars, we headed to Cassville, WI. On the way to Cassville I got to know Becky a little bit as we sat on the edge of the Lilly Belle and dangled our feet in the water. In Cassville we explored the town. While exploring the town Becky tripped over the rail road tracks and slightly injured her knee. I helped her out by using my handy dandy 1st aid kit. Then all the crew engaged in a contest of a Scavenger hunt. Becky and I were in a group together and we found out quite a lot about Cassville. They are very proud of their basketball state champ boys. In all I loved visiting the quaint little town of Cassville. After leaving Cassville and watching the Jet-ski guys fall off the Jet-skis we calmed down for a little while until we docked again. When we finally got on shore we were all feeling a little caged up, so to relive our stress we all engaged in sand and mud fights. I had a good fun day and miss everybody at home! I wanted to say hi to : Chuck, My mom, My dad, My bro, all the folks in St. Maries & Plummer, Plam Bay & Vero Beach, and the great people at S.E.S.

May 6th, 2000 - This morning I had butterfly's in my tummy! I was a little nervous about meeting all of these people. My mom took me to Hamline in the morning and of course we were late leaving our house but we still made the boat. Once I met everyone in the crew I knew this would be a great time! The van ride to Dubuque was long but a beautiful drive. About 2/3 of the way there the car's out of gas light went off and there was no sight of a gas station. After a few minutes of tense desperation a town came to view and we all hoped that we would be saved but, they didn't have a station either! oh no ! Well about five minutes later we came upon another town and they has a gas station. The rest of the drive went well. We arrived in to Dubuque and all was well. After a enjoyable meal, we found our way to the marina and meet the rest of our crew. Dubuque smelled like a factory, so I was anxious to get to open water. I then got to meet Ike. He is a interesting guy, and I hope to get to know him better. After we all met, we wanted to put out on the Mighty Mississippi. One prob, our boat was stuck. After a lot of elbow greese and rope burn we finally got the majestic Lille Belle out of the Harbor. The river was more open and pristine than I had expected. I had never been through a lock before so I was excited to go through my first one today. After I learned the how's and why's of the lock we were past it and I found myself indulged in the beauty of the sunset on the Mississippi River. I tried to draw a picture but I am not espically artistic, so I tried to capture the image of the brilliant pink/orange lining that made me smile and think of the people I love and miss and the soothing blue cloud that gently put me to sleep. I love and miss everybody. I want to say hi to: Chuck, My mom, My dad, My little brother, all the people & relatives in St. Maries & Plummer, Idaho, all the people & relatives in Palm Bay & Vero Beach, Flordia, & and Last but certainly not least, All the wonderful teachers, students and staff at the wonderful School Of Environmental Studies at the Minnesota Zoo (S.E.S.).!

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