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May 10, Wednesday-
The people in the tent, John, Matt, and me got up in Prairie Du Chen and shoved off from the dock. Matt and I were planing on going fishing for bass in the morning but we had to go a long ways that day. So we were off again. The mist on the river was as thick as pancake batter, so we were going really slow at first until the mist rose. We were all very tired and cold, so we sat on the couches and Jamie piled about ten blankets on each person. I fell asleep for about half an hour. We arrived in Lansing at about 12:30 and we all went on a scavenger hunt to find how many bars there were, historic places, and the things people liked to do there. Andrea and I found most of our information at an antiques store. Brooke and Jamie bought some hair dye and dyed Jamie's hair a darker brown. We shoved off from Lansing at about 3:00 and headed up river to Victory Wi. Matt tied up and he and I headed off on the beach to find a good fishing spot. We found a good spot and headed back to the boat for our fishing poles. He started fishing with worms and I hooked a clam with about 20 Zebra muscles on it, the funny thing is one of the Zebra muscles had clamped down on the worm. We didn't catch any fish but we went back to the boat and sang Ike the song we wrote him. We then had supper which was spaghetti, macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches. After supper the girls made a bonfire and we sat around that until we went to bed.

May 9, Tuesday-
Tuesday morning we all got up and ate breakfast, after breakfast we shoved off from the Gutenburg dock and went through lock and dam number 10. After we went through the lock I saw about 300 coots. I also saw my first Bald Eagle.

At about 9 o'clock Jon Stravers came and picked us up to go look at a Bald Eagle nest, the Bald Eagle was sitting in its nest on the lookout. Later on Jon took us back to the boat and took 2 more loads of people out looking at birds. While he was out on his second load of people we saw an immature Bald Eagle tearing at a piece of fish. We stopped and docked at Prairie Du Chien later in the day.

We all hiked up on a 4 mile trail to look at the indian effigy mounds across the river in Iowa. After we looked at the effigy mounds Jon Stravers picked up Bonnie, Andrea and me to go up the Yellow River and look at birds. Near a beaver dam we saw 2 Bald Eagles flying above us. We also saw lots of Turkey Vultures and lots of Wood Ducks.

We then went back to the boat and Bonnie went to supper with Jon while Andrea and I washed some dishes. Later on John Shepard came back from shopping for food and Becky, Matt and Jamie came back from a historic tour. Matt and I started fishing next to the dock and we pulled in 6 bass in a row. We then ate tacos for supper and Matt and I went back out to fish, we caught 2 more bass and that was it. We all then had ice-cream and watched the footage from the day before.

May 8, Monday-
In the morning we all got up at about 6 o'clock. A radio station in Dubuque was going to interview us, but he only interviewed John and Jamie for about fifteen minutes. We then shoved off from where we stayed the night. We arrived in Guttenburg about half an hour later and tied up to a barge in the public water access area. I started typing up 07 journal while the girls went to get their hair washed.

After I was done typing I went up to the small fish museum with Becky and talked to the DNR officers who were there. We then started walking down to a old button factory because we were told there are still lots of shells on the beach from the button factory throwing the used shells out. All the shells we found had holes punched in them from the button machine. We met Matt and he came along with us as well as Bonnie did too because she wanted to see the button factory.

When everyone was back we went to Dougs Steakhouse for lunch. After that we went to the grade school and talked to the 4th, 5th and 6th graders about what we were doing on the Mississippi. After that some of us went to the local library to look at the Hamline website and check our E-mails.

Matt bought a frisbee and we started to play ultimate frisbee. The teams were the three guys against all the girls. The guys scored about ten seconds into the game. Just after we scored someone saw a baby turtle on the ground headed for the river. We all started looking for baby turtles and we found about 17 and we released them in the river. Later on in the day the DNR told us not to do that because of imprinting the turtles.

Matt and I decided to go fishing but before we went to go we saw a bigger water snake then I had caught the day before. So with teamwork he scared the snake toward me and I reached in the water and grabbed it and threw it on land where I pinned it down with a paddle and grabbed it. After that Matt and I went fishing. At about 6 o'clock Matt had a strike on his line and he reeled in a 10 inch bass. As John and Peggy were taking pictues of it, less then a minute later I caught a bass about the same size. He later caught another bass but a little smaller. That was pretty much my whole day, if you want more detail look at Matt's journal.

May 7, Sunday-
The water in the morning was really smooth, there was no wind. A lot of Great Blue Herons are flying around, Bonnie thinks there is a rookery near by here. In the morning we saw a Prothonotary Warbler, Bonnie says it is a really special find and a lot of birders look for that one bird. Later on in the day we pushed off shore and headed up to Cassville for the day. We pulled in to the dock it stunk really bad of rotting fish. There wasn't much to do in Cassville but we went on a scavenger hunt for historic sites or other such things in town. Brooke and I couldn't find anything on our list so went back to the boat early. After everyone came back except for Jamie and Becky, Matt and I decided to look for the water snake some kids were chasing earlier. We kept on upturning rocks and finally we found it. We put sticks on its head soo it wouldn't bite us and I grabbed it behind the head. We then took a couple pictures and let it go. We pushed off at about 3 o'clock and found a place to stay for the night. We then all got into a mud fight and got muddy. After that I made a fire and let it burn down to coals. I then put corn on the cob in tin foil under the coals and let it cook. That was pretty much the whole day.

May 6- My first thought was, yes, another boy. We loaded up my stuff in the trailer and some food and we were off. The road trip took 5 and a half hours, it was too long. When I first saw the Lille Bell I was impressed. We loaded all the stuff on the boat and we were ready took shove off. It took about an hour to get the boat off the sand bank because the water level had gone down. We pulled on ropes and pushed with poles till finally we were off. The boat is really cool you can go up on the upper deck and sit on the roof, it's a good view. The other people on the boat with me, Matt, Brooke, Andrea, Jamie, Becky, Bonnie, John, and last but not least Ike, are really nice. Matt and Brooke made spaghetti for dinner, it was really good. Tomorrow is going to be really fun. We are going to be lots of stuff and get some fishing in.

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