Dr. Keen will provide us with a series of articles about life
on the Zambezi River.

Part 1: The Zambezi Central Africa's River of Life

Part 2: One of the Natural Wonders of the World - the Victoria Falls

Part 3: The Zambezi Reservoirs of Water: Dams on the River

Dr. Cecil Keen
A Voice of the Zambezi

Cecil Keen is a Professor at Minnesota State University, Mankato, where he directs the Weather Analysis Laboratory. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, known during that time as Rhodesia, he went to junior and high school in Zimbabwe and continued his education at universities in South Africa where he obtained his degrees in chemistry and physical geography and specializing in meteorology and climatology. He then attended the University of Wisconsin in the USA where his PhD research focused on air pollution and numerical modeling. After a brief stint as a TV weatherman, he returned to South Africa where he spent 10 years teaching at the University of Cape Town. He and his family returned to the USA in 1987.

He has a wide area of interests including music, flying, photography and reading. He has traveled the world and has recently visited his roots; Zimbabwe. During that time he spent a week touring the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe, and brings some interesting insights to one of Africa's great rivers of life, the Zambezi River.

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