Victor Misenzhnikov
Online Guest
for the Volga River


Professor Victor Misenzhnikov was born in 1935 in Kiev. Since 1958, he has been a teacher of natural sciences. He started at Perm University and then, after tutoring postgraduate students, moved to the Pedagogical University. In 1966, he became a senior lecturer and professor and then in 1973 was named the dean of faculty of natural sciences.

Victor has published more 90 scientific works.

In 1991 he organized and headed a regional center of ecological formation.

He has twice fulfilled functions of the chairman of jury of all-Russian olympiads of the schoolboys on ecology. He is the author of the programs and manuals.

Victor is the coordinator of the GLOBE program in Western Ural, where he participates in the realization of a purpose-oriented programme called "Revival of Volga ".

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