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Martinas Final Journal 13th of May

This will be my last journal for this trip, so I would like to thank all the people who helped us making this trip coming true! But first I will tell you something about the last day!

Well, this day was very exciting! We had to clean up the lounge in which we had lived for the last week. You can't imagine how many cans we have collected! They didn't fit in the trashcan so we had to push them together. I shouldn't have done that, because when I began my work I suddenly saw my finger bleeding. That's typical. Thank you, Robbie, for laughing at me!

I couldn't make this unhappen, so I put on my sportshoes and jumped on the rest of the cans and they lost this fight!!! After this exciting cleaning up we had to pack all our things in the van. First that was a problem, but we managed it like we always did!

The next highlight of this day was the celebration of the Dakota School. I was so excited before this, because I didn't knew what would happen. We weren't allowed to arrive too early, but we did. So we had to wait in the bushes there. Then Peggy told us that we had to walk slowly down the street so that the children could see us coming. It was soooo great to see them wating for us. It was incredible!

After a few words of welcome and so on the children were devided in several groups. They moved from one station to the next where they learned about our trip. At the first station Dan, Sara and Robbie told the children about their most favoutite experiences on the trip and then they finally showed them our movie. But it was also funny to teach the children the songs we learned at the trip like Anna, Max and I did at the next station. They liked to listen to us and they had much fun in singing and acting with us. And it was fun for us, too. Robbie came over to us whenever he could. Thanks for your help!

I will not go in more details, so now I would like to thank again all the people on the trip. Thank you, Dan, for your special kind of laughing, thank you, Max, for your translations, thank you, Sara, for your jokes and all the fun, especially the Titanic act, thank you, Anna for your listening to my problems, thank you, Robbie, for our special relationship, thank you, John, for the movie, thank you, Peggy for all the jokes I didn't understand, thank you, Pam, for your attention, thank you, Erika, for your coolness! And thank you all, for everything you gave me!!!!!!!!! I hope I will see you all again.

Day 8
Today we were canoeing. It was very wet. But we had a great time and it was really funny. First there was a lot of mud when we started. I lost my shoes when I wanted to go in the canoe. This time Sara and Max did a great job. Maybe because they didn't paddle together in one canoe. Of course, Robbie and me did the best job! Then we put our four canoes together and floated together down the River. That was very funny.

We were singing a lot. We sang Fish Heads and Peggy Sue always when we saw Peggy at the shore with the camera. It was very interesting to see how high the water was during the flood. We could see trees hanging down from the bridges. That was a bit scaring.

After that we drove to Winona. There we visited the Winona National and Savings Bank. It was WONDERFUL!!!!! Next, we went to the milling place to do the milling thing.(by Robbie) There I bought a sweatshirt.

Now I have warm clothes. Thank you, Pickwick! The things we learned in the mill were interesting. I can't write all these things down, because then this journal would be too long and boring. By the way, Pickwick lies between New Germany and Heidelberg. The next Big City is New Trier! Okay, that's it for today!

Day 7

Wow, I just have to say: Thunderstorms here in America are WONDERFUL!!!! I've never seen so much lightning in one hour before. And they still didn't stop. First we were sitting in a Chinese Restaurant when suddenly the sky got green. A typical sign for a tornado as the others told me. How shall I know that, did I ever see a tornado in Germany? NO!!! But the tornado didn't reach us, but it started to rain and blow. That's also possible in Germany. When we were driving back to the Camp I was so fascinated by the lightning that I even stopped singing with Sara songs like the Titanic Soundtrack or Big Big Girl or I Believe I Can Fly.

But let's go on with the rest of the day. I did sleep too long this morning, because I didn't hear my alarm clock. So there was not enough time to go jogging. What a pitty, but I'll do it tomorrow. After breakfast I did my interview. It was very funny, because I think I said 10 times WONDERFUL! But it's true, this country is really WONDERFUL!! But we were laughing a lot when we watched it.

The best WOW I ever heard came from Robbie today. He also did his interview and his WOW is really fascinating, especially when you see his face and his hand when he says it!

After lunch we helped the people in the neighborhood near the camp cleaning up their gardens because they were damaged by the flood and there was a lot of wood lying in them. One of the men living there asked Sara when she earned to speak American. She answered: "I've never learned American, I learned English!" That was very funny.

After that we drove to the restaurant and had some very delicious Chinese Food. While we were sitting there the storm started, as I already mentioned. First I was very afraid because Robbie told me the whole time that we will all die. Thank you, Robbie! So much about today!

Day 6
This day was very nice, I think. In the morning I was jogging again. After that we drove to the Whitewaters State Park. We drove to a place there where we had a great view on the landscape. Although the sun was shining I was very cold because of the strong fresh wind. But we learned a lot about snakes. I even had a snake in my hand. It was a very strange feeling. Anna just likes snakes when there is a big distance between her and the snake. I can't understand why. It was so fascinating.

In the afternoon we canoed in the flooded neighborhood near the camp. Sara and Max had some problems. That was very funny to see. Erika and me also some problems because we sometimes paddled in difficult situations. But we did a good job, I think!

After that we made a tour in the camp! It was really funny and sometimes it was also very exciting. But in my opinion the safety rules were a bit too complicated. But I wouldn't do that without this safety! When we finished with it we had a great dinner and after that dinner I made a new experience. We made a fire on the camp shore and I tried the first time marshmallows! It was really disgusting. But I liked the fire!

Day 5

Wow, this was a very nice day. First we enjoyed a very interesting slight show. The biologist Mike Davis told us much about the Mississippi's development. I didn't know that the people managing what is build in and around the river can make so many mistakes. It seemed as if they tried everything to improve the river without thinking about it.

After that we made a small hike to the dunes. It was wonderful! The sun was shining and a strong wind blew. But it wasn't too cold. On the way there and back we saw a lot of snakes and one turtle. Tonight we tidied the shore of the Camp. It was hard work. I'm very tired now.

Day 4
We didn't do much today. That's why this journal will be very short. We cycled to a small town but I forgot the name. It was very small. Max had bad luck the last two days. Yesterday he fell from this building and today he fell "with the bike". He doesn't want that I write that he fell OFF his bike because he thinks that's not true.

The weather today had two faces. When we cycled to the town and back the weather was very nice. We even saw the sun. But when we were sitting near a playground for lunch the sun was away and it started to rain. I was very thankful that we sat under a roof. We only got wet when we were running back to the car. Nothing else interesting happened today.

Day 3
Today was a very funny day. We had a lot of fun in the hills where we had a great view on the Mississippi. First we wanted to talk about our project and record this. We wanted to show the video about our first two days to some people but these people didn't come, so we had to wait. We waited a long time.

While we were waiting Sara told me that she wants to do a handstand, she didn't know why. She told me that while we were in the rest rooms, so we made a handstand there. But we hadn't enough space there so we did it in the halls. Peggy filmed that and some people took photos.

When we did that I had another idea for our story. Someone, maybe Anitram, a girl in our story, has to make a handstand in a school building and then the students and teachers could come round the corner and then the teachers could make trouble although the girl is not from this school. But I'm still working at this idea.

The people we were waiting for didn't come so we went hiking. We climbed through the hills and were riding trunks that lay across the way. When we climbed on a building at the end Max fell down and for a few minutes he couldn't walk. But he wasn't badly injured. So we drove back to the camp.

Day 2

Today a native American named Jo Campbell told us something about his culture and what the main problem was during the discovering of the continent. The problem was that the native Americans had lived in a woman community. The immigrants lived in a community ruled by men. If I understand that right that was a very big problem. Something I noticed was that this man likes to talk. So I got another idea for my story. I think it would be funny to mention a man who talks the whole time until he suddenly his loud voice is gone.

Day 1 This day was the day Sara and I got the clue idea for our project. The reason why we did think about it so late was that our first plan of determining the water quality of the Mississippi had to be canceled because of the flood.

The first day of the alternative river-trip was full of information. I didn't understand everything, but I got the context, so it was okay. We made an excursion to the Mississippi fall and there we got some ideas for our project. This project includes writing a story with some of our experiences . Maybe we will extend the story with some funny exaggerating ideas.

We went over the bridge at the falls and there we saw some old mills and people working there to dig op something. Sara and I tried to figure out the context of the story. This context may look like this: There is a boy who falls into the river and the others have to rescue him. Therefor they run over the bridge. Sara also had the idea that the man who told us something about the falls, that was David Wiggins, changes into a mutant.

This man told us very much about the history of the Mississippi and this of the city at the fall. I never expected that the Mississippi and the Rhine, the river in Neuss, are so similar. Later we visited a fort on this location where the Minnesota River and the Mississippi flow together. The people there looked like people in this period of time when the fort was in use.

The People used it to protect their land from the British people. We went from different buildings in the fort to the next and the people told us something about their time. There we got more ideas for the story.

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