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Sara "the Brain" Heines, Saturday, 12th of May, final journal
Today I'll write my last journal. Yesterday we had the last day of our trip. We went to a small school in Dakota and we were welcomed by all the little children there. It was great, they welcomed us as if we were heros. They were all so cute! When we passed the way to them they all put up signs with our names on it and when we sung a few songs we started with our learning stations.

Our group was split up in 2 groups, Robbie, Dan and me, we showed the little kids our video and told them parts of our trips and Anna, Max and Martina tought the kids a few songs. It was wonderfull!

When we drove back to the university I got a little bit sad, because I had a great time at the YMCA camp and all the students on the trip are new friends, we changed e-mail addesses and the post addresses, so that we can stay in contact.

Well, I will do a short review of the whole trip. I liked the trip very much, I learned thinks I've never expected. It was amazing to see how one river could effect so many things around it and how the people live with the river. One guy was very interesting and he influenced me a lot. It was Joe Cambel. He seemed to be as if he has answers to all questions.

I was a little bit afraid, before the trip, because I thought that Martina and me will always be outside the group, but it was the opposite. Everybody welcomed us so warm and they were all so nice. They asked us a lot of questions and after 2 days we were all together one group, we made a lot of jokes and we talked a lot. Day per day I understood more and after 5 days I was so proud that I can understand nearly 95% of what the people said.

Everybody was sad at the last evening, Peggy and John had the idea that everybody has to spend 10 minutes on his own and we had to search for things which should represent the trip and our feelings about it. It was interesting to see what everybody thought.

I was glad that John and Peggy were with us, because they were so kind and and funny and wonderfull (They will know what that means!) We all had so much fun there and while I'm writing this journal I'm getting a little bit sad again, because I know that I will never take part in the same project again.

I want to thank all the people who made this trip happen and who made it happen that I could take part, too. Thank you to all the guys who took part in this trip, I love you all and I will miss you so much.

Sara "The Brain" , Thursday 10th of May

Oh, dear, now we are talking about the English and the German language. It's so funny when Anna and Max speak German, and they say that it is funny when we speak English, because we speak a VERY formal English. So my solution of the last 5 years English is, WE LEARNED THE WRONG ENGLISH!!!! Oh here it is so funny, I can't stop laughing…..

O.K, now I think that I'm normal. Well, I had the greatest day on the whole trip, because I went canoeing again, but at this time we were canoeing over a river. It was great, this time I went with Dan, so we did a very good job. I was a little bit scared, before going in the canoe, but it was so much fun. We stayed on the river for about 2 hours.

When we finished our trip, go away(input from Robbie), we wanted to visit the Winona National and savings bank. But Anna and me, we went to the library to check our e-mails, because, she was waiting for a very important one. I checked my e-mails, too. Now I will use this journal to say thank you to everybody, who mailed me and who visited the page and who thought of me the whole time, let's go: First thanks a to, Mum, Dad, Niklas, Judith, Sabine, Emel, Beate, Lisa, Martin, Marcel, Florian, Alexander, Anne, Cathleen, Andrea, Wiebke, Markus, Birgitta, Lisa-Marie, Maximilian, Marcel H., Barbara, Kai, the boy who feels european, because of frensh (he knows, what that means), Oliver, Johanna, Franzi, Andrea, Karen, and all the others. So let's go back to the journal.

After visiting the library we visited the Pickwick mill. It was very interesting to see how the old mills worked only by the water power. Martina and me we bought the same sweatshirt. So that's it.

Sara "the Brain", Wednesday 9th of May

WOW! This was an amazing tour a few minutes ago! First, John was so kind and sponsored us a Chinese dinner and, and this was a new experience I have made, there was a tornado warning ( But, as you can see, I'm OK, so mum and Dad, you don't have be afraid)!!!!!! I got a little bit scared, because in Germany we don't have any tornado. Wow, the lightning all over the sky were great, I haven't seen such things before. It rained a lot and we had hail, too.
When we arrived at the camp we had to carry all the stuff we had bought in the supermarked in the lodge and I'm wet, wet and wet now.

Ok, now I have to start new again at the beginning of the day. I stood up at around 8.00 o'clock we decided to spend the morning on working on our projects. So Max and Anna went out to interview some people around the camp about their experiences with the flood. In the afternoon we helped all the people around her to clean up everything around their houses, so we picked up the whole wood, which was lying around and I think we did a good job. Oh you have to see Robbies computer he has a lot of things lying around and on it like, one dollar, the sticks of the Chinese restaurant, some LEGO-figures, 10 Pfennig (German money, which I gave him) and some kind of mussels, and don't know, why he needs them, but he says that these things are his inspiration, well, I won't comment on this, everybody knows, what I think about it!

Everybody is laughing about me, because today, when we carried the wood we met Bob, one man we helped to carry the wood. When he asked me where I learned speaking American I was so stupid and said, no, I don't speak American, I only speak English, so that's why everybody is laughing now around me.

When we finished helping the people all around here we visited the library. There I read my e-mails and I was so proud to say that I got 17 new e-mails, but then Anna said that she got 52 new e-mails, I wasn't proud any more. But thanks to all the guys who wrote me so many e-mail. The library was really exciting a love them and it was sooooo huge.

Today we finished our movie, which you can see on our homepage. Tomorrow we've to get up at 5 o'clock and we will go canoeing. OH DEAR!! I hope, I will survive! Oh, we have only 2 more days and then the trip we be over. It's a real pity! I like the guys here so much they are all so nice. So that's it for today, now I have to go in the kitchen (which we called the kitchen of love) and cry, because after 2 days the trip will be over. See you tomorrow.

Sara "The Brain" Tuesday, 8th of May:
Today I have had the greatest day of the whole week. First we met a man called David Palmquist and he told us a lot about the animals and plants, the whole nature around the Mississippi. We hiked on a very steep bluff. So it was really exciting to hike on the bluff without falling down again. When we were at the top it was very windy and cold. David also found a little snake and Martina was holding it all the time. I had the chance to hold it, too and it was pretty cute.

When we had to move down the bluff I was a little bit afraid to fall down but, as you can see I'm still alive. When we climbed down the bluff Anna was walking next to me. I saw a snake next to her feet, but I didn't say anything, because she is very afraid of them, and I didn't want her to fall down the bluff.

We've seen a timber rattlesnake. When we saw the snake, Robbie ran away, because he was so afraid of the snake, but if you ask him about that we won't say the truth. Anna was scared, too. Today we had and still have great weather. It's really warm outside and the sun is shining the whole day.

Today was my greatest day, because we went canoeing about 10 minutes ago. Max and me we were sitting in one canoe and it was very funny, because we both don't canoe very often. So we had a huge problem. But I think although we weren't as good as Anna and John we've done good work. We both were the last ones who arrived back, but when the others ask why we came so late I said that we came back late because we love the water so much. The right thing was that we had some problems by leading the canoe. But don't tell it to the others.

Oh dear, all the guys are deciding to eat marshmallows and when I said that I've never eaten one they looked at me like I am an alien. So I will wait for tonight and then I'll eat a marshmallow. Hi again! I've had my great marshmallow and it tasted good. We made a fire at the beach to cook the marshmallows. I've made a new experience. Now I knew how to make good marshmallows, thank you Max for your help.

Sara "the Brain", Monday, 7th of May:
Today there was a nice day. We met a man named Mike Davis. He worked for the DNR and he knew a lot about the whole landscape around the Mississippi. We also hike through sand dunes. It was great! It reminded me on the dunes of the North Sea. It was very stormy there, but the landscape was amazing. The whole area was nearly untouched and we saw a lot of different kinds of flowers. I sat on one dune and it was a nice kind of silent. It was very windy, but it was wonderful only to listen to the wind and everything around you.

Today I got to know that Anna is afraid of snakes, suddenly she was jumping on the street I went to her and asked what was wrong and she said that she had seen a green snake. So Martina and me tried to find the snake but it wasn't there any more. We also find a little dead turtle, which was lying near the street. Later on we found a lot of snakes, too. One alive and the rest was dead with no head any more.

Today I was really tired and it was very difficult to follow the things Mike told us about the landscape. The weather was great today. It started raining about 10 minutes ago but it has already stopped and now the sun is shining again. Today we will have hamburgers and taccos for dinner, I think. So, I don't know what to write any more.

Oh I know something more. Around 15 minutes before, we took all the wood away from the beach, where our lodge is standing. Because of the Mississippi flood all the wood was lying on the beach.

Sara "the Brain", Sunday the 6th of May:

Today I've had a great day. We stood up at 7 o'clock again and went on a biking tour. It was great although my bike was too small. When we drove with the car to the biking shop nobody said a word, because we all were so tired, I think because of yesterday.

Yesterday night we made a pillow war. It was very funny, after that we were really tired. We also gave everyone of us a nickname, so here they are:

Max: Zazu
Dan: Shaka Love
Sara: Schnully
Anna: Piepsy
Robbie: Fuffy
Martina: Tinus
Peggy: Clover
John: Schmetterling (the English word is butterfly)
Pam: Heidi

Well today Pam drove home and we got to know Erica. Pam we all miss you!!! So, we're working on one nickname for her. So let's go back to the riding tour.

We ride for about 1 1/2 hour and the distance was about 10 miles. Max was injured a second time. I think that he fell of his bike but he says that we fell WITH the bike. In my view, at the end of the next week he will have a broken leg or arm. We've had a lot of luck because of the weather, because after finishing the ride, while we've had lunch it started to rain. So that was luck!

So after the ride we were so tired, that we didn't want to do other things. So we drove back to the camp and I started working on my project. Martina and Anna were so tired that they sleep for about 2 hours I think. So after the journal I will work on the story again.

For dinner we had nice Pokemon pasta with cheese and the rest of our pasta from yesterday. Now all the guys around me start dancing because of one song. So now it's over. I don't really know what I should write. Today I've seen a lot of nature because of the ride.

Oh I've to tell you our new motto: NO VIOLENCE! So we try to live like love, peace and harmony, but Robbie is nearly the only person who doesn't really accept that! But we will force him to accept the motto.

Saturday, 5th of May;
Today we had a really silent day. We had to get up at 7 We were not allowed to do a lot of things, because of the rain we've had. The first part of the day we were in a kind of a technical College. We had been there, because we should be have had a kind of conference with other students. The project was that other students were allowed to ask us questions about our projects and what we've learned. But, like life is, we had HUGE technical problems.

We stood there for around 4 hours doing nothing. Well Peggy and John were working on the problems. The plan was that we will talk about our project and so on for about 2 minutes and then the other students where allowed to ask questions that we would have to answer. We also had a web-cam, but it didn't really work, too. So while Peggy and John were working on these huge problems we guys where playing cards and making jokes.

The card games we where doing where called BS, Asshole, seven up, seven down. It was really funny and Anna and Max tried to explain the rules to us. I have to say that Max was trying to explain the rules in German. And Robbie was always looking in my cards, so that was VERY unfair!!!!!!!! But in a few minutes after finishing our journals we'll play Volleyball and then he will get me know better!

Because we were sitting all time in one room, it was starting to get boring and I can't sit any more. So when I was with Martina on the restrooms I decided to make some handstands. I think Martina thought that I'm going to become total crazy, but after one minute she was doing the same. So we went out of the restrooms and start doing the handstands in the floor-hall, then Max and Robbie were coming in the hall and, I cannot really explain how they were looking at us. You must have seen it.

So after this we drove to the hill Barn Bluff and hike on him. From the top we had a great view over the Mississippi. On the drive to the hill Martina and me we started to sing a lot of songs, German and English ones. So I think all the other guys wanted to jump out of the van except Max, he wanted to learn the German songs and tried to sing with us. So today Martina and me we nearly sing the whole day, songs like "I belief I can fly" from R.Kelly and so on. On the hike we sang a lot of songs, too. So although we had little rain we had a lot of fun all over the hike.

When we drove back nearly nobody said a word, because we all were/ are tired. We made a stop between the way home and the Barn Bluff in Stockholm. There I ate an ice and Martina bought a ring. I was searching for a present for mothers day, but I didn't get any.

Well, I'm realizing that I warm up more and more. All the guys are very nice. Oh dear, Anna and Max are singing the song Martina and me sing with them. I think we are all a really crazy group and I'm enjoying the time here very much. Well, you will read my next report tomorrow. Oh and I have to say that I like these laptops on which we have to write our daily journals very much.

May 4-
The second day: Now we're in the YMCA Camp and it's GREAT! But at first I've to tell you something about the day. We met Joe Cambel, who gave us a lot of information how the situation had been in America when Columbus came to visit India. It was amazing that the roles where changed between men and women. The women were standing above the men and they had to decide everything. But the most interesting thing for me was his view of nature and the whole world. I learned a lot today.

Joe beliefs that the creator, I would say God, is female. And he said that everything on the earth, the whole nature is life, the trees, the plants…etc. feel like a kind of human beings. So if we don't ask the nature to take something from her she will do something so that we realize it. Nature will protect itself if it'll be hurt. So the reason for the flooding and the whole diseases all over the world is that we, the people, did something wrong. So, we have to work on nature, we have to protect it and we have to think of the environment around us, too. So, we have to wake up and see that we aren't the main point of the world, the nature is the main point. That's the solution, I've made today.

And Joe answered one of my questions I have dealed with the last months. I was not sure who God is. Is he male, or female? Or perhaps both?? Now, for my part I've the answer. I think God is female, because Joe said that women are standing for life. They bring life on the world and that's the reason why God has to be female. He creates the whole life on the world. I hope you all can follow me, so this was a very amazing day for me. Joe has something magical I think.

So at the moment we are all working on our daily journals except Max, he's ready and I think he's working on his project. So that's it. Oh I forget something; before we met Joe we visit Hastings. There we took a look at the flood and we had lunch there. It's a nice city.

May 3-
The first day: Today I had a really exciting and very interesting day. As you know, I hope so, we met David Wiggins and he told us a lot about the falls of the Mississippi River and the whole development of the cities around the river. Today I've learned a lot about the huge falls of the Mississippi. And it was very interesting to see that our river, the Rhine, and the Mississippi aren't as different as I've expected. So, the Mississippi floods and the Rhine floods, too.

David was very nice and he tried to answer to all questions we've had. The group, Anna, Max, Dan, Robin and, as I already know, Martina are very, very nice. They tried to speak slowly so that Martina and me could understand nearly everything. Well, first when we drove to David Wiggins it was very silent in the car, and nearly nobody started to talk, BUT after the whole day we've talked a lot.

So, it was amazing to hear from David which huge energy the Mississippi and all in all water can have, and it was great to see the power one river can have. When I saw these energy from the Mississippi, you can feel the fear of the people being taken away by the huge floods of the Mississippi. When we were at the History Fort Max tried to speak German and it was very funny, but I've to say, that he speaks German very well. So if any teacher reads my report: Max and Anna speak German very well. They did their homework ;-) !!

When we were in the Fort it was very interesting to see how the people had to live in the past. We visited a blacksmith, too. It was very interesting to see that one man could produce a nail in nearly 40 seconds. We also visited a doctor out of this time, too. I had to be a "volunteer", well, no real volunteer, Anna and the others forced me to do that! When we drove back we talked a lot in the car and it was really nice.

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