Mississippi Feature - Stories that bring you depth, and detail in the issues, history and natural features of the Mississippi.

From 2002-

  • The extent to which ecology and economy are intertwined along the river is detailed in this week's Minneapolis Star Tribune business section. According to the article, "City officials say their citizens have told them to start treating their riverfronts as welcoming civic front porches rather than municipal backyards where the junk is stashed. And with the help of local, state and federal agencies, cities are spending millions to give their people access to the asset that a riverfront can be."

    Also this week, take a look at our next case study- the story of a dam removal project along the Red River, courtesy of the MN DNR.

  • Virtual Engineered Components- a case study in how ecology and economy work together on the river.

From 2001-

American Rivers released the 2001 list of America's most endangered rivers, and the Mississippi river has the dubious honor of being #8. Read more about it..

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