I am traveling to
the River of Time
where the wound is deep and the river wide.
I am traveling to
the River of Time
where the remembrance
is strong
and the persistence great...

Dan Khali, 
Grade 6 
From "The Story of Our River" project




"The river has many faces and all who follow her seek the face they know the best..."

From Oh River, Scene four, one of the river shows by In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater, Minneapolis. 

Face of the lover, open and stirred. 
Face of the user, a clouded current. 
Face of the child, wide as the sky. 
Face of clarity, of one who minds her own business. 
Cold face, walk on it till hearts crack. 
Face of the void, all the fish have dived under the ribs. 
Death's face, grey and tuneful. 
Face of change, of the faceless one 
who fits every opening. 
Inhuman face, without fear or pity. 
Now dangerous, face of the flood, 
now aching, meager face of absence. 
Face of the past, promise of rain, 
face of the future, a wave in the heart. 
Come and drink from this face, 
your mother's, 
his face awash with all faces, 
your own. 

©1997 Florence Dacey

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