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A River Is Near
by Elliot H.

Danger! Danger! A river is near. Wild and crazy and out of control. Raging waters and deadly waves they
Scream and shout as It pulls you under.

Danger! Danger! A river is near.
You stretch for the surface
To feel air in your lungs.
The harder you try the
Harder it pulls you down.

Danger! Danger! A river is near. You hear people screaming and Swimming to rescue you.
You feel an arm pull you up
And bring you to safety.

Danger! Danger! A river is near. You are safe for now.
Fresh air in your lungs, but
Be careful for you never know
When the danger of a river is near

by Zach S.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Rivers are, too!

Some rivers are big,
some rivers are strong.
Some rivers are girly,
and not very long.

Some rivers are rough,
Some rivers are tough.
Some are real slow...
They're not interesting enough.

Some rivers are shallow,
Some rivers are deep.
All good shepards know to drink upstream from the sheep.

When I think of rivers,
I think of fishing.
Some people throw money in the water, and use the river for wishing.

Some rivers are big,
Some rivers are small.
I've run out of clever rhymes,
So I guess that's all.

by Nikki F.

Young river, young man
Settles down because they can Young man gets a family,
And the river came in handy
Young man had a boy,
And still the river brought joy
Now the man is getting old,
And the river is getting cold
Young kid, old river
Seen so much seen so little
Young kid is trying hard
And the old river shrunk a yard
Dry old river I love you so,
Wish you wouldn't have to go.

by Tasha C.

Rivers flow peaceful and free, I sit and watch without a worry in me.
I can hear the twists and turns.
Ouch! That fire ant's bite burns!

I love the rivers in every way,
I really wish that I could stay.
I watch as a chipmunk runs by,
I see some bees flying high.
I should be on my way, Tomorrow is another day.

River Haiku
by Julie M.

The stream was quiet
But with a splash and a slash
A bird has it's lunch

River of Zoom
by Tyler K.
Hutchinson Middle School

We walk down the road
We hop in our boat
We take off from the dock
We watch out for rocks
For a day of fun
In the sun

Halfway through the day
We wind up in the middle
Of the river bay
We're having a blast
We are out of gas
The current is fast

As we float down the river
We start to shiver
The sun has set
We have met
Our doom
With the River of Zoom

by Amy K.

Rivers rushing
Up and down,
Winding, twisting
all around
Some happy,
Some sad,
Some peaceful,
Some mad
Every river has It's ways,
Just like everyone else these days
Rivers run wild,
Rivers run free,
Rivers run
just like you and me

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