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The River of Hope
by Jenna F.

Mysterious and deep
from them comes not a peep. Except for the flow
of the H20.

They are looming
and zooming.
Forceful with pride
like a big joyride.

They are from here to the tree
and as far as you can see.
They never end
so watch them go around the bend.

They are coming diluted
because they are polluted.
So, don't litter
because if you do you will grow old and bitter.

The River
by Pushkar O.

The rich soil
Of the earth.
The soothing
Rushing sound
Of the river can
Be heard by the
Animals and the
Trees too.
the sound of the
River makes me
Feel like all my
Problems have

Wonderful River
by Betsy H.

Water water everywhere,
The river does not care.
Peacefusl and serene,
And the color a shade of green.

With no particular place to go,
Lets hope it does not overflow. Blue, crisp, and clean,
But in the spring it can be mean.

As you see a bunch of fish,
You think they would make a good skillet dish.
Moving in a school,
Ready for any fisherman's duel.

The river and everything in it is free, Just like me!
As Isee the importance it holds,
I realize we must be bold.
Lets keep it as clean as we can,
for the future of all man.

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I the River
Tyler P.

I the River
Am the longest river
The longest river indeed
I flow like a parade
a big parade and
I am in the lead
Somehow I feel
like I'm doing
a good job,
For some reason
I feel like I'm doing a good deed
But what could this be this deed
I provide people with water
but still I'll never feed!
I the river
will never know
what good I do for this world
All I know is that I
flow, flow, flow
Where I stop
nobody knows!

The River Party I
by Shannon D.

Just kickin' it on the shore
The beach can never be a bore

Put on some suntan lotion
Get this river party in motion

The river is ten shades of grey
Very beautiful I must say

When in the river bay
Partying's the only way

The River Party II
by Megan G.

On the river shore we are hangin' The fish are doing everything but stayin'

Chillin' 'till the break of dawn Dancin' to my favorite song

The river is a groovy blue
With floating cans of Mountain Dew

Kickin' it up on the dock
The boat started to rock

People are having fun
This party has just begun

by Matt M.

Rivers are always rushing and flowing,
They go where they may without even knowing......
Just how far they've gone and where they'll soon be,
End up in an ocean, a lake or a sea.

A river can be any size or shape, For their water covers the earth like a cape.
Rivers can be short, wide, even stocky
They freeze in the winter so you can play hockey.

They're filled with life from insects to fish,
And if you toss in a dime, you just might get your wish.
Rivers are always a fun place to be, Rushing and flowing, perfectly free.

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