Rivers of Life Online Course

Teachers participating in Rivers of Life with their students can earn graduate continuing education credit through the Hamline University Graduate School of Education. Making extensive use of the online conference center, teachers electing to earn credit for their work complete course requirements for two semester credits. 

Course Objectives:  

  • Participants will develop an action plan that integrates Rivers of Life material into their existing curricula. 
  • Participants will reflect on the value of the information they learn for their teaching. 
  • Participants will participate in Hamline University's Online Conference Center responding to reflective questions and providing feedback to posted work.
Grade Option 1: Grade of "B" or pass, "P"  
    1. Complete a minimum of two outside readings (from a book or a feature-length newspaper, magazine, or journal article), from a publication referenced in the Rivers of Life study guide and/or publications of your choice. 

    2. Develop a two-page curriculum integration action plan that will support you in enhancing your existing curriculum by integrating Rivers of Life activities into your classroom. Create clear goals and detailed implementation steps for your plan and indicate what teaching strategies you will use from Rivers of Life. Set a professional goal that makes use of content knowledge and teaching strategies from Rivers of Life. Be sure your action plan: 

    • is realistic 
    • is clearly defined 
    • has steps that will lead to its completion 
    • includes an assessment plan
    Please submit via email (rivers@hamline.edu) or post in the ROL Online Course discussion item in the Conference Center (preferred). 

    3. Complete a final evaluation at the end of the program (provided by ROL faculty) that reviews the effectiveness of your plan. 

    4. Participate in online course conference dialogue by responding to the posted action plans of fellow colleagues posted on the conference.

Grade Option 2: Grade of "A"  
    1. Complete all requirements listed above. 

    2. Write a two-page reflective paper, due one week following the completion of Rivers of Life, that describes what you learned about river watershed stewardship. The paper should be clearly and well written (no grammatical or spelling mistakes). The reflection should consider: 

    • how the content fits with your own thinking 
    • what new questions the project raised for you 
    • how you will integrate information from the project into your teaching 
    3. Participate online by responding to reflection questions and offering feedback to each participant's posted papers. Please submit via email (rivers@hamline.edu) or post directly on the online Conference Center.
Tuition for two (2) Hamline University semester credits is to be determined. 

To Register 

    To register please e-mail the Rivers of Life staff at: rivers@hamline.edu and request a registration form. You can complete the form online and submit payment via credit card or by mailing a check. Also contact us if you have questions or need additional information.

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