Performance Packages for Rivers of Life

All of the following Performance Packages can be found on the Minnesota Department of Children, Families and Learning website. 
Energy Odyssey
"A Portfolio for Inquiry" 
Inquiry (Gather information to answer Scientific questions.)
Steamer Trunk
"Creating a Museum Trunk" 
Inquiry (Accessing information.)
Through Time
"That was Then . . . and This is Now 
People and Cultures (Understand historical events and the roles of individuals within them.) 

"Back to the Future" 
People and Cultures (Understand how events or actions of people are influenced by physical and cultural geography.)

the Flood
"A Matter of Opinion 
Writing and Speaking (Write for a variety of academic and technical purposes, situations and audiences) 

"Experimenting with Ecosystems 
Inquiry (Direct observation and controlled experiments) 

"A Potpourri of Technology" 
Managing Resources (technology applications 

"Word Processing" 
Managing Resources (technology applications) 

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