Writing Assignments from Peter Lourie:

Record Your Observations

STEP #1 - Keep a journal on a tape recorder. Make a small journey somewhere within your watershed. Perhaps to a river? Or a dam? Or a brook? Or even the stream behind your house. But this journey might be as simple as walking down the street after school. Observe details--sounds, sights, smells. Make notes by speaking into a recording device. If you don't have a tape recorder, then use a small notebook. Record a conversation perhaps with someone you meet along the way. The important thing is to let yourself record anything and everything. This will be rough material for a finished piece later.

STEP #2 - Back home, listen to the tape, or review your notes. Now transcribe (from the Latin, scribere, "to write") them. Write the notes out in full sentences. Expand these notes using your memory. Don't edit. Later you will select, shorten, revise, perfect.

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