Writing Assignments from Peter Lourie:


Activity #1 - Write a story quickly, without editing yourself. Now hand it into a teacher, friend, or parent. Get that person's comments on how to make the story more effective. Then rewrite the story paying attention to his or her comments and to any ideas you yourself have for making it a more effective story. Now read the two versions back to back. Read them outloud, the first one first, the second one second. See any difference? How many times do you think you could rewrite the same story and still make it better? When do you think the process of rewriting might start to make it less effective?

ACTIVITY - Take five nonfiction books out of the library. Compare and contrast each with the other. Try to determine how the writer went about writing each book. See if you can outline the process.

What adventure would you like to write about? And how would you go about the long process of getting it published?

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