Watershed Scavenger Hunt

Your task is to collect documentary evidence of the following phenomena. Depending on where and when you have your scavenger hunt, some of these may not be appropriate. Later, you'll put your evidence into a PowerPoint presentation, and present it to the whole group. If your evidence is challenged, you will be asked to defend it.

Points are awarded as follows:
Correct answer- 1 point
Correct answer that is especially creative- 1.5 points
Questionable answer defended with a spectacular lie- .5 points Incorrect answer- 0 points

Good luck!


Gather evidence of:

1. Geologic activity

2. Differentiation in cell development

3. Succession of ecosystems

4. Solid and non-solid di-hydrous oxide

5. An illustration of the principle of "lift."

6. A non-native or invader species.

7. An edible plant (Note: you don't have to photograph the edible part.)

8. A fractal

9. The presence of mammals (not humans!)

10. Parasite or decomposer

11. A mushroom

12. A fruit

13. A crystal

14. Combustion

15. Illustrate and identify one of Newton's Laws

16. A delta or alluvial fan

17. A seed

18. The four elements

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