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The pilot phase of the Watershed Atlas Project began on October 18, 1999. Our pilot schools have now finished the first task of the Project, mapping their watershed. As we move into the third week, students will begin working with "culture boxes." Each culture box will create a living portrait of their watershed, and each watershed has many stories to tell. Subscribers, visit our Conference Center and share a story about yours!

Our guest in the Conference Center for the next two weeks will be Phyllis Messenger, an archaeologist and faculty member at Hamline University.

For ideas on the kinds of questions archaeologists ask as they look for clues, Check out the PBS Artifact Challenge at:

Our guest for the first two weeks of the pilot program was Charlie Fitzpatrick, a GIS expert. Charlie was online in the Conference Center to answer questions as our pilot schools began mapping their watersheds.

The Environmental Protection Agency has some wonderful resources for mapping and understanding watersheds. Click here to visit their site.


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