In Chasing the Flood,  projects are developed as investigations derived from the following list of questions: 

1. What are "your" watershed's boundaries?  

2. What primary rivers and streams occupy your watershed and where are their sources?  

3. Where are the predominant natural communities in your watershed, i.e., forests, prairies, wetlands, lakes, streams?  

4. Where has flooding occurred in your watershed?  

5. How has the impacts of floods on human communities changed over time?  

6. Where are flood management structures--locks, dams, levees, wing dams, dredging operations--located within your watershed?  

7. How has the channel and flow of the stream been altered as a result of flood management practices?  

8. Where are human developments located within the reach of the highest recorded floods levels (the 100-year flood plain)?  

9. What animal and plant species live in your watershed that require flooded conditions for their survival? Where do they live?  

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