Links to Zambezi River Resources 
This site is called Zamnet and it contains up to the minute news stories from Zambia. 
Search Zambezi on this site put on by National Geographic for a recent article which appeared in their magazine. 
This site, called The Zambezi: lifeblood of Southern Africa, is a great site for a quick overview of the river and the environmental issues involved. R.htm 
Though this site is aimed at tourists it still has a lot of useful information regarding geography of the area and current issues. It is called The Great Zambezi River.
This site is called The Virtual Zimbabwe. 
This site, called Water Resource Use in the Zambezi Basin, gives proceedings of a workshop discussing management strategies that was held in Botswana in 1993. 
This site is geared at tourism in the Zambezi National Parks and is called The Lower Zambezi. 


Question- What are some of the major defining characteristics of a wetland? 

The first trivia question was: Who was the first European to view Victoria Falls and who are they named after? 

A: The falls were first seen by explorer/missionary Dr. David Livingstone who named the m after Queen Victoria of Great Britain. For more information on Dr. Livingstone check out Dr. Keen's series on the Zambezi River.

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