A Photographic Walk Along the Minnesota River
as seen through the eyes of Art and Barb Straub
Sandbars are IMMENSE this autumn as the Minnesota River is at a record low. In many places, I swim across easily, and in one place, Barb and I walk without getting our waists wet!
A new experience... often we find turtle nests (like the one to the right) destroyed in June when most of turtles lay their eggs. This year, for the first time, many of the nests were not destroyed until mid-September!

Note the mud on the left of this photo. It used to be soil!

Unfortunate recent signs of "sandbar slobs".
A beaver "sidewalk" from the willows to the river.
It is in such debris piles as this that we find our best "golden oldies", like clay pipes, hundred year old bottles, bones, and golf balls.

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