Stories of a Water Drop
by students in Brainerd, Minnesota

A Rain drop As I fell through the air and the clouds, the air is very warm. I knew that I would eventually hit the ice cold water. I was right. The water stung me like a bee. I froze and just let the swiftly flowing current carry me. I slowly got used to the ice cold water. I met a fish that was quite nice and a pile of weeds that didn't talk to me at all. I ran into three dead fish and some rotten food that had been thrown to the ducks and birds. One camper stepped on me, and two more just missed. As I reached the river the small stream I remember got quite fast. I slowed down a little bit on the Golf of Mexico, and the water was over 100 times warmer.

Brittany J 


Boom! I'm finally free from that suffocating cloud. Plip Plop! Oh no now I'm going to the Mississippi River. Now were really moving! I thought falling from the cloud was fun , but moving in this river is like heaven. We have met many new things along the river like: fish, beavers, and turtles. I've heard interesting news about how hot the sun is getting. This means evaporation and I'm scared. I am very worried about this evaporation progress most of my friends and my family have evaporated easily I though am still trying to hang on. I've now been evaporated so I'm in a cloud getting ready for the next storm and the next evaporation. Boom! Plip plop! Well here I am again dropping, getting ready for the next evaporation process.

By Sara H 

I'm a little raindrop falling from the sky. As I fall down from the sky I feel all wet inside. When I hit the stream I made a splash. As I got into the stream I encountered a turtle. I looked around me but all I saw was garbage in the water with me. As I got into the river I made an even bigger splash. In the river I only saw garbage, garbage, garbage. Down the river I flowed, went into the ocean, and made a huge splash. The water changed in the river because people were trying to clean it.

Chelsea P

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