The Civil War and the Mississippi River
by Mary Heddell, Missy Dahl, Jenny Niem, Michole K., and Brandi Varth
Anoka High School, Anoka Minnesota
"He who holds the Mississippi river holds the country by the heart." 
    General Fremont
The Mississippi Campaigns

Island #10 & New Madrid
New Orleans



General Fremont's words proved to be true, because the Mississippi drove deep into the heart of the Confederacy. Control of the river is what the south and the north needed to win the Civil War. 

Our project focuses on how the Union's campaigns on the river influenced the Civil War. The Mississippi was used in the transportation of troops and supplies needed for the war and the northern commanders included the river in their battle strategy. They attempted to divide the south, take control of a major transportation route, and strip away every thing the CSA held dear. 

The Union held 4 major campaigns on the Mississippi river. Each of these major events of the war occupies a page in this part of the Rivers of Life web site. We will discuss each campaign and its relationship to the river. 

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