River Poetry
from students at Hutchinson Middle School,
Hutchinson, Minnesota

by Dan E.

Rivers...what magnificent creations
Smoothly meandering
Flowing along
Offering peacefulness to all

Rivers...what magnificent creations
Jagged rocky rapids rushing with waves
Fierce currents demolishing all
Like a furious tiger waiting to be fed

Rivers...what magnificent creations
Crystal clear, icy cold water
Fish lazily swimming
Tributaries feeding this formation
Humans navigating the never-ending journey

Rivers...what magnificent creations

Rivers of Life
by Jesse W.

It cuts its way throughout the land,
Through rock, and soil, or in the sand.
It rushes fast; its gushing flow,
Carries tons and tons of H20.

It flows very quickly,
But some flow slow.
It may make you sickly,
Those on a raft would know.

If it becomes filled,
It will flood.
Then the contents would be spilled,
Even some mud.

Those who look at it,
Shutter and quiver.
It's hard to sit and watch,
A violent river.

River of Freedom
by Rebecca H.

I am traveling to the River of Freedom where memories are made,
and worries are forgotten.

I am traveling to the River of Freedom where the shy maples stand and the sweet bird chirps, where a leaping bass creates a quick splash, where the soothing breeze sways, and the tumbling leaf flutters.

I am traveling to the River of Freedom where the white waters are spraying, waterfalls flying, and a mystical rainbow appears.

I am traveling to the River of Freedom where the sun is a mirror reflection of the baby blue sky, and the cotton clouds high above.

I am traveling to the River of Freedom where the courage is great, and the peacefulness is reassuring.

The Journey
by Anita B.

The river is lovely dark and deep.
With age old secrets to keep,
and miles to go before it sleeps.
Miles to go before it sleeps.
Rolling along dark and deep.

Take me with you while the wind sweeps upon the waters dark and deep.
We'll wander together.
Rolling through the miles.
Flowing To the sea
where we'll find our peace.

Rivers of Life
by Mitch P.

Rivers are like teenagers,
Wild and rough.
They are also
Calm, quiet, and beautiful.
Rivers can be
Raging with rapids, waterfalls,
and big rocks.
Teens can be raging with
Fear, frustration, anger, and depression.
A teen is like a youthful river,
They haven't experienced everything,
But feel like they have.
Rivers are like teenagers!

by Cassi V.

In the wide world of the fast flowing river, nothing really matters.

The smooth surface of life.

The many things inside all seem so small compared to anything else in the world.

The tiny fish, the flowing rapids, beautiful waterfalls the trees, the flowers all seem so peaceful compared to the world of Littleton and Kosovo.

The quiet sounds of the wildlife comfort me greatly, in times of doubt and trouble.

The fresh cool feel of the water on my skin gives me peace after a long, hard pressure-filled week.

That's where I like to go to find myself, to put it all together; Because, in the wide world of the fast flowing river, nothing really matters.

The Wild Mountain River
by Mark C.

The wild mountain river
throws itself off cliffs
in spectacular displays.

The wild mountain river
hurtles rocks and boulders
like an Olympian on his way.

The wild mountain river
now steady as it can be
winds its way through the land
to see what it can see.

The wild mountain river
is now flowing so slowly
it seems to go back the way it came.
Though some day it might have its spirits lifted so it can be wild again.

by Jed O.

R is for the running water.
I is for the interesting sites.
V is for the victorious current.
E is for the endangered fish.
R is for the raging rapids.
S is for the sandy banks.

If you would like to see one of the things described by me,
go to a river and enjoy yourself
because a river is a fun place to be.

A Day At the River
by Rachel L.

I hear a splash;
the ripples signal the fishermen have started.
I hear a shout;
a fisherman has caught his prize,
the largest fish of the river.
This is not for me.
As I look into the water,
I see the years of my life.
I hear the wind whistling,
the grass rustling.
The river tells me that life is unpredictable.
I don't know what course lies ahead,
or what path my life will take.
It is an adventure into the unknown.

by Erika K.

The river crawls down the channel meandering lazily.
The fish content with swimming aimlessly.
The river quickens its pace steadily.
The fish awake now swim briskly.
The river rushes wildly.
The fish race rapidly.
The river plunges drastically.
The fish dive hysterically.
The river quiets abruptly.
The fish proceed serenely.
The river crawls down the channel meandering lazily.

River of Life
by Marti T.

I am a youthful river
Flowing straight and steady
No tributaries or meanders
I have waterfalls and rapids
My valley is my channel
I am a youthful river

I am a mature river
My current is slow
I go around obtacles instead of through them
My sluggish current causes me to have meanders
I have many tributaries,
they are my fingers
I am a mature river

I am an old river
My tributaries are gone
My only mission is deposition
The curves in my body are now oxbow lakes
I no longer have the current I used to
I hope that some day the land will change
So I can become a young rejuvenated river
I am an old river

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