Creative Work from Students
in the Minnesota River Basin
Spring '98

-by: Robbie Grover
Hilltop Elementary,
Mr. Straub's class

If wishes were fishes
We'd all live in the sea,
But that does not sound
Like it is for me.
With all of the pollution,
I'd have to flee,
Pick up your litter,
Hear my plee.

Flowing Freely 
Pollution Pain Paranoia 
Choked Stream 
Help Me
-by: Liz Steinborn 
Sibley-East Junior High
If you pollute, 
We'll kick you in the patute. 
So if you DO pollute, 
We'll give you the boot, 
Cause our rivers, 
Aren't made to hold loot.
- by: Katie Anderson 
and Meta Pautsch 
Sibley East Jr. High, 8th grade

Rivers are big. 
Rivers are small 
Rivers join other rivers. 
Rivers are a source of food. 
Rivers are homes for big and small. 
-by: Jeremy Butrick 

Sibley-East Junior High

The River 
I rapidly flow 
And in a way, glow 
I won't be here long 
If you give me pollutants that are strong 
Please pick up the trash around me 
And as you will see 
I will be beautiful once more 
And the fish will soar 
But you'll have to keep me clean 
And it won't happen if you're mean 
Listen to me please 
Those are my special needs 
-by: Jennifer
Sibley-East Junior High

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