Journey of a Raindrop

My Trip 

AH! I'm falling! Although it only took a few seconds, it seemed like hours. I finally reach the ground with a hard PLOP! Instantly I start moving across rocks and dirt. I see that I'm not the only one on my trip, but millions. I start heading down a hill and barely miss a soaking wet dog. Suddenly I splash into a river, I think. I start moving faster and pass by fish in a jiffy. Then, out of no where, I hit a wall. The wall is smooth, but hard. I wait there for some time, all the while other raindrops crash into the wall. Finally the wall starts to shake and I see a hole open. I swim to it, and start moving again. I swim for days. The biggest fear was evaporation, which I've already seen victims of. After many more days, I hit warm water. I can taste the salty water of the Gulf of Mexico. My trip is over.

By: Tony Breitbach
Jefferson Jr. High 
Dubuque, Iowa

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