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  • Celsius Thermometer- check weekly for accuracy by placing in an icewater bath (50% ice, 50% water). Leave it in long enough for the thermometer to stabilize. It should read within
    (+ or -) 1° Celsius. If it is not accurate, use another one. If the thermometer shows both Celsius and Fahrenheit scale, cover up the Fahrenheit numbers to avoid confusion. Note: some extension activities require more than one thermometer.

  • Snow Depth Pole- a heavy meter stick works well. Meter sticks are easy to break as the snow crust hardens. To create a firm measuring tool, attach the meter stick to a 1"x 2" piece of lumber.If the meter stick shows US units, cover them up to avoid confusioSnow Boardn.
  • Snow Board- plywood board approximately 40 cm x 40 cm and at least 1 cm thick. Paint the snowboard white. Attach a thin flag to the board to make it easier to find after a snowfall.

  • New Snowfall Water Content
    • Coffee can (a 2 pound coffee can works well)
    • Graduated cylinder
    • Metric ruler
  • Snow Core Cookie Cutter
    • 3 foot section of 6 inch stove pipe
    • 12"x12" aluminum flashing material (or something similar to slide under coffee can and stove pipe to pick up the enclosed snow)
    • clean pail to hold the melt water