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Parents' Page

Dear Parents,

Thank you for visiting the SNOW Parent's Page. The goal of this page is to invite you into our learning process, to follow our progress, keep up-to-date about what your child is doing in school, and to offer your own comments.

Any significant learning that takes place in school requires the support and input of parents. The knowledge your child gains becomes more deeply embedded if they have the opportunity to work with it in a variety of ways. Application of new skills and ideas helps cement them in their growing knowledge base. Explore ways you can help them make applications outside of the school day. Below are some ideas:

  • Show an interest in their work by asking them about their progress.
  • If you have Internet access at home, have them show you the SNOW website and what they have been doing.
  • Visit some of the reference links together.
  • Go for walks. Comment on your observations.
  • Go to the library and get a book on snow or winter.
  • Go sliding. Talk about the snow conditions while you are doing it. Make it into a learning lesson

"The online world is no longer optional for our children. It has become an increasingly essential component of all our lives, and our children will be the primary beneficiaries of the vast resources it has to offer. Already, kids across the country use the Internet everyday to research subjects for school and for fun and to communicate with their friends and family. From this, they are developing lifelong learning skills. At the same time, however, ensuring that this new medium is rewarding and safe for our kids is an ongoing challenge" (America Links Up).

To help meet that challenge, it is our responsibility to educate ourselves to the best of our ability. Below are some links to some valuable resources that might help you in that process. Good luck in your pursuit.

Feel free to email a message of encouragement to your child's classroom through the link provided on the SNOW Mail page or send a note to the SNOW Webmaster. While I can't promise to publish all the communication I receive, I will try to capture as much as I can.

Thank you for your interest in your child's learning activities at school and the SNOW project. I hope this resource is a valuable one. Feel free to offer any comments or suggestions you might have.

Bill Lindquist,
Crossroads Elementary School
543 Front Ave
St. Paul, MN 55117
Last Update: December 18, 1999