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School: Date: Snow Depth(cm): Average Weekly Air Temperature:

Optional: see the Resource Room to download spreadsheets to assist with calculations New Snowfall: If you are monitoring new snowfall, and there has not been any to measure, report "0". If you are not monitoring new snowfall, please leave blank


Day of the week
Depth of
New Snowfall (cm)
Water /Snow Ratio*






* Here is a rough guide for the checking ratio numbers against air temperature. If the following ratio ranges are exceeded, there probably is an error of some kind: Art Judson

Generally speaking, any sample with a water/snow ratio above .11 should have an explanation stating that there was or was not any wind effect and or melt/freeze, or mixed precipitation etc.

-18 deg C and colder
-10 deg C
near 0 deg C

Water/Snow ratio range
.03 to .12
.01 to .24
.04 to .32


See the Activities Page for a description of the weekly activities.
Jan 4 | Jan 11 | Jan 18 | Jan 25 | Feb 1 | Feb 8 | Feb 15 | Feb 22

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Jan 4- What questions will you be exploring through the SNOW Project?
Jan 11- Email the SNOW community about your classroom in the SNOW Conference Center
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Jan 18- Water Content form Snow Core(cm)

Jan 25- Insulating properties of snow-
Sky Conditions
Air4 cm10cm20 cmGround
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Feb 1-
Sky Conditions
Air temperaturePacked snow tempLoose snow temp

Feb 8-
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Feb 15-Water Content form Snow Core(cm)

Feb 22- Poetry


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