Water Quality Action Plan

Look at a sample of a completed Action Plan.

Research Needs:

  • What are the most important needs in your watershed?
  • What is your evidence of the need?

Identify Your Project:

  • Exactly what will you do to meet the chosen need?
  • How will you know you have succeeded?

Set a Time Line:

  • Brainstorm the tasks needed to do your project.
  • List these tasks in order down the left side of the Time Line. Start from the date by which you must finish the whole project. Then work backward, figuring out how long each task will take.
  • Decide Who will do What by When? Person(s)


in Charge Deadlines


  • What books, videos, tools, equipment, busses, etc. will you need?
  • What curricula (if any) do you plan to use?
  • What people will you need help from?

Train/Orient New Students:
How will students get needed information and/or skills?

Reflect on Experience:
What methods of reflection will you use: journals, discussions, skits, drawings, reports, presentations…?

Click here to return to the Action Prep home page!Evaluate Impact:
How will you measure your progress? (See Project Evaluation Form.)

How will you recognize everyone's accomplishments?

Download this form as a Word document.
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