Environmental Resource Guide (ERG) Activities
Explained in terms of Minnesota's Profile of Learning

Grades 9-12

ERG high school activities are well written with lots of information to assist a student in meeting the Standards listed after each. (This assumes students include the follow-up and extension activities.) These activities will give students help and ideas on designing and conducting an experiment to investigate a question and test a hypothesis. Research the latest information found on the Internet, and contact local/state/Federal agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Environmental Assistance, Department of Natural Resources, or County/City Governments.

Check out the water quality curriculum grid to see which subject areas activities address most directly.

Standards which can be met in part through ERG activities: Grades 9-12 - Concepts in Biology; Concepts in Chemistry; Concepts in Earth and Space Systems; Environmental Systems; Shape, Space & Measurement; and Research Process.

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