"Frogs Need Friends" Watercolor
A Thousand Friends of Frogs Educator Activity Guide
Calls of Minnesota's Frogs and Toads: Reference and Training Tape
Toads and Frogs of Minnesota and Their Habitats Poster
Traveling Frog Trunk: Classroom Resource Kit
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"Frogs Need Friends" Watercolor
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Wisconsin resident, Laurie Caple, an artist and valued frog team member, painted this beautiful watercolor entitled, "Frogs Need Friends." Laurie has illustrated for the Wildlife Conservation Society and has work on permanent display at Central Park Wildlife Center (NY). Signed and numbered 16" x 26" prints are now available. Proceeds benefit A Thousand Friends of Frogs. Cost is $100 ($50 is tax-deductible). To order or request more information, please call 651-523-2591 or e-mail frogs@gw.hamline.edu

A Thousand Friends of Frogs
Educator Activity Guide

To help K-12 teachers integrate frog study into classroom curricula, CGEE has prepared an Educator's Activity Guide. This guide has been revised, new activities added and all activities aligned with Minnesota Graduation Standards and National Science Education Standards. The new guide is now available at a cost of $10 (this includes shipping and handling). If you would like to obtain this guide, please contact the project via fax (651-523-3041), e-mail, or snail mail.

Additional Thousand Friends of Frogs' Learning Activities.


Calls of Minnesota's Frogs and Toads:
Reference and Training Tape and CD

The Calls of Minnesota's Frogs and Toads: Reference and Training Tape is produced by Minnesota Frog Watch. Audio tape or CD is available. The recordings are clear and will help you learn the calls of the state's frogs and toads. Cost is $12.00 (this includes sales tax, shipping and handling). If you would like to obtain the tape or CD, please send a check to A Thousand Friends of Frogs, Hamline Univeristy Center for Global Environmental Education, 1536 Hewitt Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55104.


Traveling Frog Trunks: Classroom Resource Kit

Frogs trunks have been developed by the project staff and are available from the Science Museum of Minnesota. Check with the Science Museum of Minnesota for rental rates. These trunks contain an array of frog and amphibian materials which can be used by teachers to educate students about frogs and the challenges that face them. Contents include posters, learning activities, puppets, scientific materials, and of course some plastic dart frogs!! The trunks have been funded by the Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources.

PowerPoint Presentations

This is a new resource for you available on the web site, a PowerPoint slide presentation on the malformities and the declines in frog and toad populations. You will require the software PowerPoint to view this presentation. Click here to download the viewer. If you have the full software you can manipulate the presentation. If you do change the slides, please source where you received the information and images.
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PowerPoint Presentations from the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Conference 2000:
1) Frog Malformities--How can my students help?
2) Frogs as Bio-Indicators


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