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Students, Welcome to
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Friends of Frogs!!

We have recreated our web site and hope that you enjoy it!
Click on the links at the left to hop around our web site and find fun activities and useful resources for your school projects, answers to many questions about frogs and toads, and how you can help the frogs and toads in your area.

Origins of A Thousand Friends of Frogs
The Thousand Friends of Frogs project started when students, like you, from the Minnesota New Country School in Le Sueur county, found malformed frogs near the Minnesota River in August, 1995. Since frogs show us how healthy the environment is, the world took notice. Scientist Judy Helgen from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) began to wonder what else we might find if we looked in our back yards. She thought that students could help look after the health of our amphibian friends. The seed for this project had been planted!

When the project began, A Thousand Friends of Frogs reported information from students and families to scientists at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency concerning the malformed frogs and toads. To find out about the results of the survey in Minnesota, click here. Reports are also passed to the North American Reporting Center for Amphibian Malformations. To find out more about results from other states, click here.

CGEE is no longer involved with the frog surveying project, but continues to host this website for educational resources. If you would like to be involved with frog surveying, contact the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Frog and Toad Calling Survey website.




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