What is Rivers of Life? 

Rivers of Life is an inter-connected series of water- related projects and initiatives, delivered over the Internet to K-12 teachers and learners. Using Rivers of Life, teachers utilize rivers and watersheds as an entry point to studies of the environment, and our relationship to Earth. The Center for Global Environmental Education delivers programming via widely available Internet technology, encouraging students to make global connections, and take local action. The Rivers of Life program is comprised of four content streams that flow together to form a rolling river of knowledge. The four streams are: 

  • The Rivers of Life web site-  a comprehensive resource of river information.  
  • The Mississippi Adventure- A 10-week study of the second largest watershed in the world.
  • The Watershed Atlas Project-  Imagine carefully packing the most important resources related to your local watershed into a trunk, and sending them around the world!  The Rivers of Life Watershed Atlas Project takes you on a journey of discovery through your watershed, and guides you as you tell the world about your home.
  • River Networks-  Bringing together local river experts, watershed maps, river monitoring programs, environmental education programs, and service learning project resources, River Networks give educators information that takes students from their classroom, to their watershed, and into the heart of their communities. Find out more about the Minnesota River Network.

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