Glenn Switkes:
Amazon Conservationist
& Film Producer

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GLENN SWITKES is Latin America Program Director for the Berkeley, California-based International Rivers Network, which works to promote sustainable use of river systems worldwide. He studied History at Columbia University, and received a Masters' in Journalism with a concentration in Film Making from the University of California, Berkeley.

Glenn has been a documentary film producer, making films on subjects related to environment, development, and native peoples. His credits include the Academy Award winning "The Four Corners: A National Sacrifice Area?" and "Amazonia: Voices From the Rainforest". During the making of "Amazonia", Glenn spent two years in the Amazon, travelling throughout Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador. During that time, he visited indigenous peoples, many of them with only a few years of contact with our society; rubber tappers, including Chico Mendes, a leader in the fight for protection of the rainforest, who was killed in 1989; and small farmers who were drawn to the Amazon by the promise of land, but whose dreams largely remained unfulfilled.

Later, Glenn was Amazon Program Director for Rainforest Action Network, working on a campaign to stop oil drilling in the western Amazon. He lives in Mato Grosso, Brazil.

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